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DIN Rail Indicators

PMA Process Machinery Automation DIN Rail Indicators provide factory automation solutions for many measurement and monitoring applications. These units are constructed to be surface mounted on a standard 35 mm DIN Bracket. Process automation applications such as flow, pressure, temperature and level inputs can be measured and displayed. In addition these digital indicators have input offset compensation where you can correct for any input error on the display and have eight-segment linearization. 
DIN Rail Digital Indicators are available with standard universal inputs such as current, voltage, Thermocouple, RTD, resistance, Load Cell and Strain Gauge. They have a variety of automation computing functions plus output options such as a current transmitter single, dual and up to four alarm relays. The DIN Rail Indicators can be programmed either by the front keypad or RS 232 Port using the CI/CB software engineering tool and feature universal supply power.

ET Uniflex CI/CB

Software Engineering Tool

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Uniflex CI/CB

Din Rail Universal Input Indicating Transmitter

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Uniflex DMS

Universal Transmitter with Built in Supply for Strain Gauges and Load Cells

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Uniflex GRW

Universal Input Trip Alarm for Monitoring & Process Automation

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