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Recorders and Data Acquisition 

PMA Process Machinery Automation Recorders and Data Acquisition instruments are selected on applications where documentation and data storage is required of the process control variables.  Choose from simple line chart recorder or point strip chart recorder with single to six point inputs, alphanumeric printing, digital displays and easy view bar graphs. If paperless recording automation is your preference, PMA line of data monitors maybe for you.
It's your choice of either 3,6 or 12 universal process control data acquisition inputs. Models are easily programmed via the front keypad or RS 232/485 Interface. Data storage is simple, just insert a disk into the front disk drive. Measurement values can be zoomed in for better detail and with 125 ms sample time; you will capture all historical data for evaluation analysis. PMA data analysis software allows the operator to use current software packages such as Excel or simply generate a color printout at any time. There are multiple screen displays for visualization as standard, choose single point, multiple point or groups in horizontal or vertical trend formats.

KS 3000 Data Monitor

economic alternative to paper chart recorders for process automation

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KS 3010

Data Acquisition Monitor, Paperless Recorder

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KS 3540

Universal Line Recorder for Process Control

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KS 3560

Universal Point Recorder for data record keeping

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KS 3930 A/B

Universal Line Chart Recorder

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KS 3960A/B

Universal Point Recorder

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