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Pyrometer Offers Enhanced Imaging Optics for Non Contact High Temperature Measurement

Microtherm Optical Pyrometer temperature sensor for non contact high temperature measurement
Precision Optics Provide Clear Crisp Viewing of Small Targets to 0.0005"

Pyrometer Instrument Co Inc., Windsor, NJ – Announces new enhanced imaging optics are available for the PYRO MicroTherm optical sensor disappearing filament radiation pyrometer. With the new enhanced optics, precision high temperature measurement on small targets to 0.0005" can be obtained with clear crisp viewing of the instrument’s target. The enhanced imaging optics are extremely useful when viewing multiple miniature items of different temperature concurrently in the instruments field of view.

The PYRO MicroTherm’s telescope integrates the enhanced imaging optics with a proven high quality Huygen microscope type ocular that provides 20x magnification of the target area. Temperatures are determined by adjusting a precision rheostat on the PYRO MicroTherm’s housing that changes the internal calibrated lamp’s intensity. Using the inherent ability of the human eye the operator compares the unknown intensity of light radiated from a hot target at 0.655m m until a color blend is made between the apex of the pyrometer’s calibrated lamp and the target. The current value to the lamp then converted into temperature and is output via analog or digital display.

Temperature ranges can be measured between approximately 1300°F-8100°F, (700°C-4500°C). The in view instrument filament allows precision intensity matching capability to 2-3°C repeatability. The PYRO Micro-Therm’s digital display electronic unit allows users to insert an emissivity value to display an emissivity-corrected temperature. For on-line data transmission applications, the PYRO MicroTherm radiation pyrometer provides both analog and digital outputs. The enhanced imaging optics will be available as an option on new instruments.Applications include measuring the temperature of lamp filament wire, cathodes, vacuum tube, wire drawing, furnace applications for metals, ceramics, graphite and as a calibration transfer standard. 


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Pyrometer Instrument Company has spent 85 years developing and manufacturing instruments that make high-temperature measurement easier and more accurate.The Pyrometer Instrument Company, Inc is a New Jersey based corporation with sales office and factory facilities located in Windsor, NJ.

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