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Optitherm infrared thermometer semiconductor temperature measurement, true emissivity measurement and temperature control using ir fiber optic sensor.

Optitherm ir thermometer semicounductor temperature wafer measurement fiber optic sensor

• Semiconductor Wafer Temperature Measurement
• Non Contact Infrared Thermometer
• Automatically Measures Temperature & Emissivity
• Temperature Range: 250°C - 1500°C
• Temperature Accuracy: ±3°C
• 6 Spectral Wavelengths Available: 808, 850, 905, 940,
       980, and 1550nm
• Data Acquisition Rate to 1ms
• Digital RS232 PC Interface
• Output 70 Readings Per Second to Host PC
• Target Spot Sizes From 0.25” and Larger
• Fiber Optic Sensor Temperature Measurement

• Other Process Applications include Wafer Rotation
  Speed and Process Operating Fault Conditions 

Optitherm infrared thermometer semiconductor temperature measurement, true emissivity measurement and temperature control using ir fiber optic sensor. Optitherm III Datasheet (80KB)

Classification: semiconductor wafer temperature measurement, fiber optic, non contact infrared thermometer.

The Optitherm® III infrared thermometer temperature measurement system uses fiber optics and the latest pulsed laser infrared technology to measure precisely a single or multi-wafer temperature during in-situ epitaxial growth in CVD, MBE, MOCVD or sputtering applications. While all passive infrared thermometer instruments measure a target radiance temperature, the Optitherm® determines dynamically the emissivity value of a specular target resulting in unmatched wafer temperature measurement accuracy to ±3°C for temperature control.

The Optitherm® incorporates an active reflectometer technique to determine the target emissivity (E%) and true temperature (Te). This is accomplished by automatically measuring the target specular reflectivity at the same time, location and wavelength as the infrared radiation temperature measurement to determine the true wafer temperature. The microprocessor collects these values at an extremely fast 1ms data acquisition rate and transmits data to host PC for temperature calculation, data logging and immediate process temperature control.

The Optitherm® infrared technology can be implemented into a variety of in-situ semiconductor applications including production tools, wafer processing, research and development anywhere accurate temperature measurements are critical.  Other process fabrication applications for the Optitherm® include wafer rotation and speed, wafer alignment (out of position) and process fault operating conditions.

• Semiconductor Temperature Wafer Measurement
• Improve economics and quality control of wafer fabrication and manufacturing
• Production, Research & Development of Wafers
• Monitor growth rate and layer thickness
• Temperature measurement of epitaxial growth in:

  • CVD Reactors
  • MBE Reactors
  • MOCVD Reactors

• Specular Targets and Substrates
• Process Fault Conditions including wafer rotation, speed, alignment and positioning

• Measures Rapidly Changing Emissivity During Layer Growth Providing Accurate Temperature Determination
• Waveband Selection Based on Target Material Properties
• Emissivity Channel Can Be Field Calibrated
• Rapid Response Time

• Silicon • Silicon Carbide • Silicon Nitride • Indium Arsenide • Gallium Arsenide • Gallium Nitride
• Indium Phosphide • Germanium • Highly Polished Metals

The Optitherm® III uses a patented laser based infrared technology to determine the emissivity and true emissivity corrected temperature (Te) of the target.

A low-powered pulsed GaAs laser is fired at the target measuring zone via a dedicated optical path (Laser Channel) and both the laser return signal and infrared radiance signal are detected via a secondary optical path (Radiance Channel); the laser signal being (AC) on top of the (DC) target signal. Having monitored the laser outgoing energy and knowing the geometry involved (including target distance). The Optitherm® can determine the specular reflectivity and thus the emissivity of the target measuring zone. The wave band of the collected target radiance is limited to a narrow band centered in the laser wavelength depending on the specific application offering the highest degree of accuracy.

The Optitherm® internal software includes five (5) modes of operation: Remote Control for host PC command driven
operational and process control, Auto Mode for continuous data output at selectable integration time, Single Mode for single shot temperature measurements, Interval Mode for dedicated time sequencing measurements and Off-Line Mode for setup and calibrations functions. Host PC communication software available.

For applications demanding a higher performance level in-situ monitoring, inquire about our Optitherm® IV instrument which incorporates this same technology coupled with additional wavelength reflectance for precision growth control monitoring. Consult the factory for the latest information, models and additional features.

Single Axis Sensor must be perpendicular to the target.
or  Dual Axis Sensors with symmetric angles to the target.
     Note: This may require compensation for polarization.

  • The Optitherm® III IR thermometer comes complete factory calibrated traceable to NIST Standards.
  • Optional "Certificate of Calibration" per point to NIST Standards can also be provided.
  • Expert factory service is also available for periodic calibration.

Pyrofiber Laboratory high temperature non contact infrared thermometer ir sensor for temperature measurement and true emissivity measurement.

The Optitherm® III Non Contact Infrared Thermometer comes complete and ready to use with:

  • Standard Temperature Range
  • 19" Rack Mount Enclosure
  • Keypad, Digital Display
  • Electronics
  • Fiber Optic Sensor Head and cables
  • Operating Software
  • Output: One Analog: 0-5VDC or 0-20mA
  • Output Digital: RS232
  • Target Distance: To Suit Application
  • Target Spot Size: To Suit Application
  • Instruction Manual
  • Statement Of Calibration

Good performance and reliability are what you expect when you buy precision products from The Pyrometer Instrument Company, Inc.. The Optitherm® III infrared thermometer comes complete with a one year factory warranty.  For complete details visit our Product Warranty Page.

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