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KS 94

Universal Industrial & Process Controller, programmable logic
The KS 94 is configurable for ON/OFF control, PID-control and motorized valve control. The output function can be configured for ∆/Y/Off, position control, split-range control, and numerous 3-point combinations of switching/continuous control.
Control modes are set-point, set-point/cascade, and programmer, each with the possibility of set-point offset. The effect of offset can be additive (e.g. reduced standby set-point)
or as a factor (e.g. O2 correction or split load). Offset can be triggered by an external contact, whereby the value is defined via an analog signal or via an adjustable parameter.

Product Datasheet

KS 94 KS 94 (607 KB)

KS 94 Aqua KS 94 Aqua (338 KB)

KS 94 DP KS 94 DP (440 KB)

KS 94 IBSE KS 94 IBSE (1617 KB)


Product Features

Format 96 x 96 mm (1/4 DIN)
"Day & night" display for operator guidance in plain text
(3 languages)
Display of bargraphs and user-defined texts
3-element control, override control, feed forward control
Program control with 3 x 20 segments and real time clock
Front interface socket for PC, Engineering Tool or Simulation
The new DAC ® function monitors motorized valves

Product Applications

New: Measurement value output and DAC®
Simple, menu-guided operation with plain-text displays
Universal version for switching/continuous output
PROFIBUS-DP, INTERBUSor RS 485 interface
Programmer with search function and real-time clock
Display of customer-specific messages
Spray-water proof front with protection type IP 65
Interface ports at front and rear

Industry Uses

Advanced Line, Process and Machinery Automation