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CPU PU 103-X

CPU module with RS232, RS422, RS485 Data interfaces
The PU 103-X is part of the P-open series. It is a real-time CANbus CPU with a powerful processor. Of particular interest is the wide range of available data interfaces. In addition, the module has 4 encoder inputs (e.g. from rotary shaft encoders) for signal levels according to the RS 422 standard, plus 4 open-collector pulse outputs (e.g. for operating stepping motors). With its compact dimensions of 124 x 170 mm, and a depth of 85,5 mm, the PU 103 is ideally suited for mounting close to the process in de-centralized systems.

Product Datasheet

CPU PU103-X CPU PU103-X (200 KB)


Product Features

32-bit µP 68332
1,25 MB SRAM
2 MB Flash
Local CAN
Wide CAN
4x RS (232 / 422 / 485)
4 encoders
Control of 2 stepping motors
Available modules / CPU

Product Applications

Industry Uses

Multi-Loop Systems , Process and Machinery Automation