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DC 150

Field-bus module for fast DDC control and sequencing tasks
The DC 150 provides transparent solutions for automation tasks with distributed intelligence. Apart from standard PLC functions, the module is particularly suited as a stand-alone controller.

Product Datasheet

DC 150 DC 150 (164 KB)


Product Features

32-bit CPU, IEC 1131-3 programmable
Up to 8 Mbytes memory for archive and real-time clock
2 field-bus ports: 2x CAN / CANopen or 1x CANopen, 1x PROFIBUS-DP
1x modem interface
2x serial interfaces
8 digital inputs that can also be used as frequency inputs
8 digital inputs / outputs with individual configuration
8 analog inputs and outputs respectively
In rail-mounted housing

Product Applications

Industry Uses

Multi-Loop Systems , Process and Machinery Automation