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Digital 250 - Contact
The Pyrometer Digital 250-Contact digital thermometer is a rugged portable easy to read thermocouple pyrometer that utilizes interchangeable, reusable thermocouple tips on contact temperature measurement applications. These digital thermometer pyrometers are ideal for temperature sensor measurement using thermocouple thermometer K type thermocouples. Instrument temperature display accuracy to ± 0.3% of reading. The Digital 250 digital thermometer meter comes complete in a durable aluminum housing and is ready to use with a wide variety of thermocouples. The extension arm is constructed of 5/8" chrome plated Brass Tubing. There are two versions of extension arms to choose from, either a direct connected 12" long rigid arm or if you are taking temperature measurements in an awkward or hard to reach position, there is a flexible extension arm with a 12" rigid arm that includes a bicycle grip type handle connected to 30" stainless steel interconnecting armor cable to your Digital 250 for taking high temperature measurements in any position at a safe and comfortable distance.

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Product Features

Temperature Ranges: 32°F - 2462°F (0°C - 1350°C)
Digital Thermometer Meter Accuracy: ± 0.3% Reading
Typical Error: ± 1.8°F or ± 1.0°C
Large LCD Display reads in °F or °C

Records Min / Max Temperature Sensor
Display Hold Button Temperature Measurement
Cast Aluminum Enclosure
Standard 9 Volt Battery
Low Battery Warning Display
Three Year Meter Warranty
Rigid or Flexible Extension Arms Available
Interchangeable K Type Thermocouples Available

Product Applications

The PYRO Digital 250-Contact digital thermometer can accommodate a wide variety of thermocouple tips that are suited for many types industrial and commercial applications.

Rolling Mills
Heat Treating
Rotating Rolls
Steam Traps
Dies & Molds
Engine Heads
Brake Drums
Bars & Sheets
Oil Baths
Weld Temps
Plastic & Rubber
Oven Chambers

Industry Uses

Asphalt, Contact Thermocouple Thermometers, Surface Contact Type Pyrometers & Thermocouples