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Digital Ammeter

Digital Ammeter
The PYRO Model P-907 Precision DC Ammeter digital unit offers precise measurements of current from 0 to 30 amperes. Designed for the PYRO Optical Test Set, the DC Digital Ammeter can be used for a wide variety of applications where high accuracy is critical. The unit has a built-in brass shunt that is pre-set and calibrated at the factory for simplistic plug in and read operation.

Product Datasheet

Digital Ammeter Digital Ammeter (718 KB)


Product Features

Ease of Setup and Operation
Digital Readout
Fast Peak Response Time
DC Ammeter High Accuracy
Factory Pre-Programmed and Calibrated
Compact Brass Shunt
Conforms to MIL Spec MIL-S-61 B

Product Applications

Precision Current Measurements, dc ammeter

Industry Uses

Non Contact Thermometers, Optical Pyrometers