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KS 3000 Data Monitor

economic alternative to paper chart recorders for process automation
Data transmission from the KS 3000 to a PC is very simple:
via diskette, via the RS 232/485 interface or via a modem - to wherever you want.
Handling and analysis of historic data is fast and easy.
Measurement value and time scale can be zoomed individually or together for improved reading.
All data have document status: the source files are encrypted. An evaluation of the original data is always possible.
An export filter opens up all the possibilities of modern data processing, e.g. with MS Excel.
And whenever you really need a piece of paper, you simply generate a color printout, at any time.

Product Datasheet

KS 3000 KS 3000 (444 KB)


Product Features

For the price of a conventional paper chart recorder you get a modern data recorder with display screen
Your archives are electronic and transparent. Via your company's intranet the data are accessible from every PC or terminal
You save costs: no consumption of material (paper, ink, pens), no maintenance personnel, no mechanical wear, no storage space, no archive management
Choice of 3 or 6 universal inputs with galvanic isolation.
The KS 3000 is as easy to handle as a conventional paper chart recorder and all of the features of a data acquisition system.

Product Applications

Industry Uses

Process and Machinery Automation, Recorders and Data Acquisition