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KS 3010

Data Acquisition Monitor, Paperless Recorder
6 or 12 inputs, freely configurable
Inputs for mV, V, mA, TC, RTD
6 adjustable limit values
Measurement data stored on diskette
Choice of several visualization modes

Product Datasheet

KS 3010 KS 3010 (222 KB)


Product Features

Paperless recorder with electronic data acquisition for process automation and easily display on a screen
Data Monitor KS 3010 is a freely configurable, microprocessor- controlled unit for measurement, storage, visualization, monitoring, documentation, and evaluation of process data.
Format 200 x 144 mm
Full-colour display screen, no chart paper, no printing head
Input data sampled every 125 ms

Product Applications

Industry Uses

Process and Machinery Automation, Recorders and Data Acquisition