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KS 40-1 Burner

Universal burner control including 2 & 3 stage Burner modulation and Control
The universal temperature controller KS 40-1 burner are intended for universal, precise, and cost-effective control tasks of modulating, two- and three-stage burners. It can be switched between the simple on/off control of 2-stage burners and motorized control for modulating burners during operation. Thus different fuels are optimally applicable. The process value signal is connected via a universal input. Thus thermocouples and Pt100 can be used for temperature control. 2-wire, 3-wire or 50/30/50 Ω pressure transmitters can be used for boiler pressure control. The additional input INP2 can be used eg. for external setpoint or weather-compensation

Product Datasheet

KS 40-1 Burner KS 40-1 Burner (504 KB)


Product Features

 100 ms cycle time, i.e. also
suitable for fast control loops
 Customer-specific linearization
for all sensors
 Settings can be blocked via
password and internal switch for
high security
 Extended temperature range up
to 60 °C allows mounting close to
the process
 Easy 2-point or offset
measurement correction
 Logical combination of digital
outputs, e.g. for general alarm
 Built-in transmitter power supply
 Splash-water proof front (IP 65)

Product Applications

Industry Uses

Blue Port Series, Process and Machinery Automation