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Temperature controller for tempering units and hot runners
The temperature controller KS 50-1 TCont is intended for precise and cost-effective control tasks, primarily with tempering units and hot runners. The process value signal is connected via a universal input. A supplementary analog input can be used for heating current measurement or as an external set-point input. Every KS 50-1 TCont has three process outputs that can be 3 relays or 2 relays plus a universal output. This universal output can be used for operating a solid-state relay, a continuous current/voltage output or to energize a two-wire transmitter. Additionally there are two additional opto coupler outputs.

Product Datasheet

KS 50-1 Tcont KS 50-1 Tcont (942 KB)


Product Features

EXPERT functions for tempering units and hot runners
TTY or RS 485/422 interface
BluePort front interface and BlueControl software
Maintenance manager and error list
Start-up circuit and boost function
Self-Tuning to the setpoint without oscillation
3-point controller for water, fan and oil cooling

Product Applications

Industry Uses

Blue Port Series, Process and Machinery Automation