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KS 90-1 Programmer

Universal Program Controller
The Program Controller KS 90-1 is intended for universal, precise, and cost-effective control tasks in all branches of industry. For this, the unit provides simple 2-point (on/off) control, continuous PID control, or 3-point stepping control. The process value signal is connected via a universal input. A supplementary analog input can be used for heating current measurement, as an external set-point input or for position feedback measurement of motorized stepping controllers. The optional 3rd input is an universal input that can be used for several functions, e.g. temperature depend end set point correction or differential control. Every KS 90-1 has four process outputs, either relays or up to 2 universal outputs that can be used for operating a solid-state relay, a continuous current/voltage output or to energize a two-wire transmitter. Optionally there are two additional opto coupler outputs.

Product Datasheet


Product Features

Up to 16 programs with 16 segments each
4 control (event) tracks
Plain text program names
Blue Port Front interface and Blue Control software
Maintenance Manager and error list
Two universal inputs
Day & Night display shows plain text & bar graphs
Self-Tuning to the set point without oscillation
Manual gain scheduling

Product Applications

Industry Uses

Blue Port Series, Process and Machinery Automation