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KS 98+

Multi-Function Unit CAN I/O Extension for sequencing, control, data logging and visualization
De-centralized automation islands reduce investment costs and provide better transparency. Because the KS98 and KS98+ can be connected to established field busses such as PROFIBUS or Inter- Bus, it is possible to implement logical and geographically distributed automation concepts with local facilities for operation and visualization.
By adding an additional CANopen interface, the standard version of the multi-function unit KS98+ offers:
• facilities for local I/O extension by
means of PMA’s modular I/O
system RM200
• connection to PMA’s
multi-temperature controllers KS
800 / KS 816 with CANopen
• local data exchange with other
KS98+ units (cross-communication).
If required, other sensors, actuators,
transmitters, sequence control devices,
machines, etc. can be connected via the
CANopen protocol.

Product Datasheet

KS 98 Plus KS 98 Plus (256 KB)


Product Features

Multi-function unit for sequencing, control, data logging, and visualization. With convenient, graphical, PC-based Engineering and Simulation Tools. Systems-compatible by means of PROFIBUS-DP and INTERBUS interfaces.

CANopen protocol
I/O extension with RM 200
Communication with other KS 98+
Connection to multi temperature controller KS 800 and KS 816
Full supported by ET/KS 98plus
No network configuration needed

Product Applications

CANopen protocol
I/O extension with RM 200
Communication links to other KS 98+
Connection of the multi-temperature
controllers KS 800 und KS 816
Fully supported by ET/KS 98plus
No network configurator required

Industry Uses

Advanced Line, Process and Machinery Automation