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LS 800

Compact power package 8 power switches (solid-state relays 35A)
This 8-channel power control module is the link between the integrated KS 800 multiple temperature controller and the connected heating elements. The unit comes completely wired, and is fitted with the following components as standard:
X Solid-state relays
X Ultra-rapid fuses or overload
X Current transformer for heating
current monitoring
X Connecting terminals for heaters,
temperature sensors, and supply
X Heat sinks
X The KS 800 controller will be fitted
on the standard rail (DIN 46 277) on
LS 800.

Product Datasheet


Product Features

Compact pre-wired unit for 8 heating circuits
SSR outputs protected with overload cut-outs
or ultra-rapid fuses
On-board heating current monitor (3-phase total current)
Galvanic isolation between controller and load circuits
Zero-voltage switching for load current

Product Applications

Industry Uses

Multi-Loop Systems , Process and Machinery Automation