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MC 100

Intelligent CANbus Servo-Controller
The MC 100-1, MC 100-1R and MC 100-2 modules from the Berghof CANtrol series are intelligent servo controllers.
The MC 100-1 with Hall interface and the MC 100-1R with resolver interface each control a brushless DC motor with up to 300 Watts.
The MC 100-2 controls two brushed DC motors up to 300 Watts per motor.

Product Datasheet

MC 100 MC 100 (95 KB)


Product Features

CAN / CANopen interface
Programmable motion trajectories
Comfortable Windows-based Engineering Tool

MC 100-1

1 brushless DC motor with Hall or resolver interface
Power 300 W
MC 100-2

2 DC motors with brushes
Power 2 x 300 W

Product Applications

Industry Uses

Multi-Loop Systems , Process and Machinery Automation