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The PYRO MicroTherm optical pyrometer temperature sensor for non contact high temperature measurement is a disappearing filament pyrometer for precision high temperature measurements on small targets to 0.0005". One of the many benefits associated with the PYRO MicroTherm is that the target need not fill the entire field of view. This is especially effective when measuring targets such as wire. The PYRO MicroTherm's telescope uses a proven high quality huygen microscope type ocular which provides 20x magnification of the target area. The in view instrument filament allows precision intensity matching capability to 2-3°C repeatability. The PYRO MicroTherm's digital display electronic unit allow users to insert an emissivity value to display an emissivity-corrected temperature. For on-line data transmission applications, the PYRO MicroTherm optical pyrometer provides both analog and digital outputs.

Product Datasheet

MicroTherm MicroTherm (1084 KB)


Product Features

Optical Sensor Radiation Pyrometer
Small Target to 0.0005" (0.0127mm)
Accuracy: ± 0.5% Range
Selectable Digital Display: °C,°F,°R,°K
Standard Temperature Ranges:
1300°F - 5800° (700°C - 3200°C)
Extended Temperature Range:
1300°F - 8100° (700°C - 4500°C)
Adjustable Emissivity Setting: 0.01 to 1.0

Product Applications

The PYRO MicroTherm radiation pyrometer is ideal for many small target laboratory and industrial applications. It is extremely useful when measuring small targets that do not fill the entire field of view.

Lamp Filament Wire
Wire Drawing
Crystal Growth
Calibration Standard

Industry Uses

Aerospace and Defense , Calibration Equipment, Ceramics, Furnaces, Metals and Alloys, Non Contact Thermometers, Optical Pyrometers, PetroChemical, Research and Development, Semiconductor