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Optical Calibration Test Set

Optical Calibration Test Set
The Precision Optical Test Set calibration standard is designed to accurately and simultaneously calibrate up to two optical pyrometers to read identically, irrespective of manufacture. It has been used for many years as a simple and easy-to-use temperature calibration source to calibrate and verify optical pyrometers’ accuracy. In high demand applications, temperature errors and uncertainties are eliminated with on-site or in-house calibration.

The Optical Test Set uses a ribbon filament tungsten strip lamp that is readily adjusted to the desired temperature value by adjusting the rheostat electrical current passing through the lamp. The lamp swivel base and sighting tube ensure precise optical alignment between the two optical pyrometers during calibration.

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Product Features

In-house Optical Pyrometer Calibration
Ease of Operation and Setup
Temperature Range: 1400°F - 4200°F (800°C - 2300°C)
Calibration Accuracy to: ±5°F
Source: Tungsten Filament Strip Lamp
Certificate of Calibration to NIST
Power Requirements: 12 Vdc RV Marine deep cycle battery

Product Applications

Optical Pyrometer Calibration

Industry Uses

Calibration Equipment, Non Contact Thermometers, Optical Pyrometers