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PM 32

Pressure Transmitter, Explosion Protection
The pressure transmitter PM32 measures gauge- and absolute pressure in gases, vapours and liquids and can be used in nearly all areas of process engineering.

The transmitter works on the two-wire principle and features a ceramic
measuring element. Gauge pressures from 10 mbar up to 40 bar, and absolute pressures from 40 mbar up to 40 bar are converted into a standard pressure proportional 4...20-mA signal. The BUS version uses digital communication for the signal. The digital version can be equipped with a local display comprising digital display and bargraph whereas the analogue version allows only a bargraph display. The applied technology ensures reliable and simple operation.

Product Datasheet

PM 32 PM 32 (420 KB)


Product Features

Ceramic measuring cell
Ranges from 10 mbar to 40 bar
Multiple overload
Turn Down 10 : 1
Local display and adjustment
Analogue, smart or Bus function
Explosion protection

Product Applications

Industry Uses

Pressure Transmitters, Process and Machinery Automation