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PM 31

Pressure Transmitter, Explosion Protection
The pressure transmitter PM31 measures gauge- and absolute pressure in gases, vapours and liquids and can be used in nearly all areas of process engineering. The transmitter works on the two-wire principle and features a ceramic measuring element. Gauge pressures from 10 mbar up to 40 bar, and absolute pressures from 40 mbar up to 40 bar are converted into a standard pressure proportional 4...20-mA signal. The BUS version uses digital communication for the signal.

Product Datasheet

P 31 P 31 (104 KB)


Product Features

Ceramic measuring cell
Ranges from 10 mbar to 40 bar
Multiple overload
Turn Down 10 : 1
Local display and adjustment
Analogue, smart or Bus function
Explosion protection

Product Applications

Industry Uses

Pressure Transmitters, Process and Machinery Automation