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PM 5

Pressure Transmitter up to 3000 mbar
Transmitter PD5 is suitable for gauge, vacuum or differential pressure and for flow measurements with gases and liquids as well as for hydrostatic level measurements. Spans between >1 and 3000 mbar are available. The nominal pressures for the four measuring cell types are PN10, PN16 or PN100. The output is a standard 4...20 mA signal proportional to the applied differential pressure or flow or level (e.g. in a horizontal cylindrical container).

Product Datasheet

PD 5 PD 5 (259 KB)


Product Features

Span from 0.1 mbar up to 3000 mbar
Ceramic measuring cell
Self monitoring
Turn Down 100 : 1
Local display and adjustment
Smart function for process automation
Explosion protection

Product Applications

Industry Uses

Pressure Transmitters, Process and Machinery Automation