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Ribbon Filament Lamps

Ribbon Filament Lamps
Optical Tungsten Ribbon Filament Strip Lamps are used to calibrate Optical pyrometers. The Lamp is built with a sapphire window spectral range that eliminates reflection and an excellent thermal radiation source. The whisker in the ribbon filament allows for improved linearity. Pyrometer supplies a certificate of calibration, which provides the observed amperes data of specific temperature points for the end user.

Product Datasheet


Product Features

Filament Lamp, ribbon filament tungsten
Optical Pyrometer temperature calibration source
Temperature Range: 1420°F - 4200°F (800°C - 2300°C)
Accuracy: ±5°F.
Source Type: Certified Filament Tungsten Strip Lamp
Certificate of Calibration to NIST

Product Applications

Optical Pyrometer Calibration
Pyrometric Calibration Source

Industry Uses

Calibration Equipment, Non Contact Thermometers, Optical Pyrometers