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RM 200

Modular I/O System, with field bus interfaces to CANopen, PROFIBUS-DP or MODBUS
The input/output modules with communication ports for CANopen or PROFIBUS-DP provide a high degree of flexibility when designing new plants. The compact, plug-in module can be combined into cost-effective de-centralized I/O islands. Due to the modular concept, type and number of the I/Os can be matched optimally to the requirements. Subsequent system extensions present no problems.

Product Datasheet

RM 200 RM 200 (910 KB)


Product Features

Field bus interfaces for CANopen, PROFIBUS-DP, MODBUS
Modular system for Taylor made applications
Flexible design of application
Easy commissioning and operation
Broad range of available sensor and signal modules
High signal resolution
Clear galvanic isolation concept
Reduced type variety by configurable multifunction modules
Cost- effective module size

Product Applications

Industry Uses

Multi-Loop Systems , Process and Machinery Automation