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KS 50

Multiple Controller for Hot Runner Process Automation Control
EXPERT functions for tempering units and hot runners
TTY or RS 485/422 interface
BluePort front interface and BlueControl software
Maintenance manager and error list
Start-up circuit and boost function
Self-Tuning to the setpoint without oscillation
3-point controller for water, fan and oil cooling

Product Datasheet

KS 50-1 KS 50-1 (660 KB)


Product Features

19" Rack mount
Complete, fully-wired control systems for 1 to 36 heating zones
Automatic self-tuning function
Start-up circuit, standby mode, boost function with time monitoring
"Output hold" function on sensor break
Heating currents and solid-state output relays are monitored continuously
Heating output is switched off in case of short-circuited SSR

Product Applications

Industry Uses

Process and Machinery Automation, Universal