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Pyrometer ribbon filament tungsten strip lamp for optical pyrometer temperature calibration radiation source.

Pyrometer Ribbon Filament Tungsten Strip Lamp

• Filament Lamp, ribbon filament tungsten

Optical Pyrometer temperature calibration source

• Temperature Range: 1420°F - 4200°F (800°C - 2300°C)

• Accuracy: ±5°F.

• Source Type: Certified Filament Tungsten Strip Lamp

• Certificate of Calibration to NIST

Pyrometer ribbon filament tungsten strip lamp for optical pyrometer temperature calibration radiation source. Calibration Strip Lamp Datasheet (60 KB)

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Classification - filament lamp, ribbon filament tungsten, optical pyrometer temperature calibration.

Optical Tungsten Ribbon Filament Strip Lamps are used to calibrate Optical pyrometers. The Lamp is built with a sapphire window spectral range that eliminates reflection and an excellent thermal radiation source. The whisker in the ribbon filament allows for improved linearity. Pyrometer supplies a certificate of calibration, which provides the observed amperes data of specific temperature points for the end user.

  • Optical Pyrometer Calibration
    Pyrometric Calibration Source

Pyrometer Ribbon Filament Tungsten Strip Lamp

   Window / Spectral Range: Sapphire 0.3 - 3 microns
   Bulb Specifications: 74.5 mm Diameter
  240 mm Height
  130 mm Height to Element Center
  E40 / 45 Cap, uses mogul type socket
  2.6 x 20 mm Ribbon Vertical element dim.
  20-32a current rating
  8-10.5 voltage rating

Note: All measurements are taken at the Whisker Position on the element.
        The Whisker is located in the nominal center position.

When Ordering Specify: Fahrenheit or Centigrade temperature range, with or without magnifying.

STRIP LAMP AGED AGED and CALIBRATED with Certificate of Calibration
Model STL-L Low Range Lamp:  1400F - 3400F   (800C - 1900C)
Model STL-H High Range Lamp: 1400F - 4200F   (800C - 2300C)
Model SCLH Mounting Socket, Porcelain Lamp Holder Base (2.56" x 2.13")


  • Data for the lamp has been accomplished by comparison to standards whose accuracy are traceable to national standards maintained by the National Institute of Standards & Technology.
  • In accordance with lamp specifications, all brightness temperatures are measured at a wavelength of 0.655 microns using a magnification lens. The maximum uncertainties of the values at 1800°F and 2000°F correspond to about ±5°F. At higher and lower temperatures the maximum uncertainties are larger, increasing to about ±10°F at 1400°F and 3400°F.
  • These supplied values apply when the lamp is operated vertically with its base down. The optical alignment must be made horizontally and perpendicular to the filament. The sighting must be made on the center of the filament across from the whisker line mark. In order to avoid errors in temperature readings due to excessive extraneous light being reflected from the filament, observations up to 1000°C should be made with a hood or shield covering the lamp and sighting through a hole in the shield. For temperatures above 1000°C, stray light will not affect temperature readings and the shield should be removed to permit dissipation of the heat from the lamp at elevated temperatures.

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