Optical temperature measurement

Industrial pyrometer solutions since 1967

Our know-how

We are experts for precise non-contact temperature measurement

For over half a century, we have been developing, producing and selling precision measuring instruments and system solutions for non-contact and wear-free temperature measurements for use in different branches of industry. These include the steel industry, foundries, and the glass, cement, ceramic and chemical industries. We are continuously developing our systems, and we are proud to rank among the leading providers of pyrometers and infrared thermometers worldwide. Our pyrometers cover a temperature range from-30 °C up to +3500 °C.

Our product portfolio in the field of non-contact temperature measurement

Our broad product portfolio includes stationary and portable pyrometers, infrared temperature switches, complete solutions for customer-specific tasks, applications and application-supporting software and accessories. We regularly exchange our know-how with our customers' requirements, resulting in further product developments.

Application areas

Non-contact temperature measurement is used in many industries.

Here is an excerpt for typical application areas:
Metal melting, metal production and processing, inductive heating processes (induction heating), glass production, annealing coil, concrete mixing plants and asphalt mixing plants, tunnel kilns, production of aluminum products.

CellaAsphalt measuring system

Safe and wear-free temperature measurement for asphalt mixing plants and pavers
CellaAsphalt is the ideal solution for precise temperature measurement in forming processes where the temperature of flowing material must be recorded. Without contact and from a safe distance, CellaAsphalt detects the infrared radiation emitted by the material and uses this to determine the temperature.

CellaCast measuring system

Non-contact temperature detection of molten metals in casting troughs
The high-resolution optics reliably detect the slag- and oxide-free areas of the flowing melt, even from a great distance. The temperature is determined and displayed periodically.

CellaInduction measuring system

Temperature measurement of billets, blocks, billets or bars in forming processes
CellaInduction has the necessary short response time to sort out billets with a response time from 2 ms. The compact size and the M30 central thread are easy to mount, even in confined conditions.

KELLER ITS - Pyrometer

We are experts for precise non-contact temperature measurement

The emergence of the ITS division within the KELLER company is a long story. Pyrometers, infrared thermometers and measuring systems for non-contact temperature measurement have been developed, produced and distributed worldwide since the acquisition of a majority stake in Pyro-Werk Hannover in 1967. Applications in numerous industrial sectors are covered, e.g. in foundries, in the metal, steel and glass industry as well as in asphalt mixing plants, power plants, incineration plants or in inductive heating processes. The pyrometers, infrared thermometers and temperature switches from KELLER ITS cover the temperature measurement range from -30 °C to 3,500 °C. The stationary pyrometers of the CellaTemp PA and CellaTemp PK series, with their broadband antireflection and parallax-free precision lenses, provide very good imaging properties for measurement spot sizes from 0.1 mm. Instruments with separate optical measuring head and fiber optics are also available in both series. The pyrometers with focusable optics of the CellaTemp PA series are optionally available with through-the-lens sighting, laser pilot light or video camera and have analog outputs, digital inputs and outputs and a USB / RS 485 interface. These devices are also available as a variant with the IO-Link communication interface in the CellaTemp PX series. The infrared thermometers of the CellaTemp PK series have high-resolution signal processing thanks to a unique combination of analog and digital linearization. The sensor thus has a very high temperature resolution even with large measuring spans while maintaining extremely low NETd (Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference). In the CellaTemp PKL version, the devices also have a built-in LED pilot light for easy targeting of the measurement object. In addition to the stationary instruments, the portable CellaPort PT series is also part of the range. The portable pyrometers feature a through-the-lens sighting or laser pilot light, a USB interface and a patented traffic light display for reliable temperature measurement. In addition to the wide range of spectral pyrometers, numerous ratio pyrometers are also available. These devices detect the infrared radiation by means of a double photodiode at the same time and place at two wavelengths and determine the temperature from the ratio of the intensities. Since a correct measured value can still be determined even if the infrared radiation received by the sensor is weakened by up to 90%, ratio pyrometers are primarily used in measuring environments that are unsuitable for spectral pyrometers due to dust, steam and smoke. A wide range of accessories and various instrument versions complete the product portfolio. For example, there are different versions as panorama pyrometers with rectangular measuring field for measuring the temperature of moving measuring objects, such as vibrating wires. KELLER ITS also offers application-specific measuring systems such as CellaCast for temperature measurement of liquid metals in melting furnaces and automatic casting machines, CellaInduction for measurement in inductive forming processes, CellaCombustion for temperature measurement of sooty flames and hot combustion gases in furnaces or CellaAsphalt for safe and wear-free temperature measurement in asphalt mixing plants and pavers. Our know-how in the development and manufacture of pyrometers combined with the best materials, high-resolution precision lenses and customer-oriented service promises the highest performance in the numerous applications in the various industrial sectors.
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