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Measuring system PA 41-K002


Measuring system consisting of:
Special features:
  • Two-colour pyrometer with fibre optics and optical measuring head can be used without cooling in ambient temperatures up to 250 °C 2 analogue outputs
  • 2 switching outputs
  • USB and RS 485 Sighting aid: laser pilot light Mounting fitting with flow-optimized air flow to avoid contaminations with minimal air consumption Flexibly adjustable holding device

Measuring system PA 41-K002
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Version CellaTemp PA 41-K002 
Measuring range 800 - 2400 °C 
Focal distance 0,2 m - ∞ 
Shape of the measurement area round 
Distance ratio 190 : 1 
Measuring principle two-colour 
Sighting option Laser pilot light 

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