Pyrofiber E10

As a complement to the Pyrofiber® II infrared thermometer temperature measurement, the Pyrofiber® Model E10 is a rugged industrial or laboratory version reflectometer based instrument which can be used measure the emissivity of solid target materials. When coupled with the Pyrofiber® II, this emissivity can be used in an on-line material monitoring or control process to calculate the precise emissivity corrected infrared temperature measurement. The Pyrofiber® E10 is suitable for production applications including hot or cold, stationary or moving targets and various surface conditions or laboratory emissivity testing..

The Pyrofiber® E10 emissivity system consists of three main components: an electronic unit, an fiber optic sensor head, and fiber optic cables. The Electronic Unit houses the electronics and microprocessor control unit, LCD digital display, membrane keypad, power supply and analog or digital output connections. The fiber optic sensor is used to transmit and collect the reflectance light source to determine the target emissivity. The sensor head assembly is connected to the Pyrofiber® electronic unit using armored fiber optic cables. Since there are no electronics in the sensor, it is immune to electrical noise, radiation fields, harsh environments and vibration.

Product Datasheet

Pyrofiber E10 Pyrofiber E10 (534 KB)

Product Features

• Measures Emissivity on Hot or Cold Materials
• Emissivity testing, laboratory, lab test
• Infrared Emissivity Reflectometer for True IR Temperature Measurements
• Emissivity Range: 1 to 100% (0.01 to 1.00)
• Selectable Wavelength Models Available

• Selectable Data Acquisition Rates: 1ms to 2000ms

• Analog & Digital Outputs, Opto Isolation Available

• PC Interface & Internal Data Notebook

• Industrial Process Control Solutions

Product Applications

On-Line Material Emissivity Measurements in:
• Production Steel & SS Annealing Furnaces
• Production Copper Furnaces
• Induction Heating & Forging
• Ceramic & Graphite Production
• Material Surface & Non Destructive Testing
• Industrial Temperature Accuracy Applications
• Industrial or Laboratory Material Emissivity Testing

Industry Uses

Infrared IR Thermometers, Metals and Alloys, Non Contact Thermometers, Research and Development, Semiconductor