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Pyrometer CellaCast PT 180


The mobile CellaCast PT 180 was specially developed for measuring the temperature of liquid metals. It is used to continuously monitor the temperature of the melt in the casting channel of a blast furnace, cupola furnace or automatic casting machine. This is complicated by the fact that, due to the plant, measurement is often only possible from a great distance. The special feature of the CellaCast PT 180 is the high-resolution lens and thus a small measuring field. This allows a reliable measurement even from a distance of 30 m.

Special features:
  • Non-contact and wear-free temperature measurement of the pouring stream from a safe distance
  • measuring range 750
  • 2,400 °C
  • filtering of the correct infrared radiation of the slag-free and oxide-free melt
  • ATD function for fully automatic measured value acquisition
  • two-colour measurement for interference-free measurement in dust and vapour
  • parallax-free through-the-lens sighting with dioptric compensation
  • traffic light display in the through-the-lens sighting to indicate the optimum measuring distance

Pyrometer CellaCast PT 180
Measuring range
Focal distance
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Version CellaCast PT 180 AF 4 
Version CellaCast PT 180 AF 6 
Measuring range 750 - 2400 °C 
Measuring range 750 - 2400 °C 
Focal distance 0,4 m - ∞ 
Focal distance 1,2 m - ∞ 
Shape of the measurement area round 
Distance ratio 150 : 1 
Distance ratio 240 : 1 
Objective PZ 20.01 
Objective PZ 20.06 
Measuring principle two-colour 
Sighting option Through-the-lens-sighting 

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