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Pyrometer CellaCrystal PA 64

Article description

The CellaCrystal PA 64 has been developed for optical temperature measurement when growing crystals with the plasma-assisted CVD process. Thanks to the two-colour measuring method and the special wavelength, the measurement is minimally influenced by the plasma. Combined with the constant high resolution of < 0.1 K over the entire measuring range and the very high long-term stability, the device meets the requirements for the necessary high measuring accuracy. With the help of the through-the-lens sighting, laser pilot light or video camera, the pyrometer can be precisely aligned to the measuring point.

Special features:
  • Measuring range 500 to 1
  • 400 °C -- PA 485 AF 1: developed for measurement in the plasma-assisted CVD process -- continuous light two-colour measurement process -- no rotating filters -- high long-term stability due to minimal self-heating -- focusable lens for exact adjustment of the measuring distance -- standard feature: analogue output and USB/RS 485 interface

Pyrometer CellaCrystal PA 64
Measuring range
Focal range
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Version CellaCrystal PA 64 AF 2 
Measuring range 500 - 1400 °C 
Focal range 0,2 - 0,4 m 
Shape of the measuring field round 
Distance ratio 75 : 1 
Objective PZ 20.08 
Measuring principle two-color 
Sighting option Through-the-lens sighting 
Sighting option Laser pilot light 
Sighting option Video camera 

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