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Pyrometer CellaTemp PA 15

Article description

The CellaTemp® PA 15 has a narrow-band filter with a spectral sensitivity of 4.6 ,4.9 µm. It thus detects the temperature from the area near the surface of the glass. Thickness changes or different types of glass do not affect the measured value due to the wavelength. Also, the measurement at the wavelength is not affected by atmospheric influences such as changes in humidity.

Special features:
  • Measuring range 300 to 2
  • 500 °C -- focusable lenses for exact adjustment of the measuring distance -- broadband anti-reflective precision lens -- LED display can be read from a great distance -- test current output for the diagnostic function -- standard feature: digital input/output as well as two analogue outputs and USB/RS 485 interface

Pyrometer CellaTemp PA 15
Measuring range
Focal range
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Version CellaTemp PA 15 AF 1 
Version CellaTemp PA 15 AF 2 
Measuring range 500 - 2500 °C 
Measuring range 300 -1300 °C 
Focal range 0,8 m - ∞ 
Focal range 0,8 m - ∞ 
Shape of the measuring field round 
Distance ratio 70 : 1 
Distance ratio 45 : 1 
Objective PZ 15.03 
Objective PZ 15.03 
Measuring principle one-color 
Sighting option Through-the-lens sighting 
Sighting option Laser pilot light 
Sighting option Video camera 

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