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Pyrometer CellaTemp PK 25

Article description

The CellaTemp® PK 25 is equipped with a special blocking filter. As a result, the measurement is not affected by daylight. The infrared thermometer also reacts much less sensitively to reflective interfering radiation in the environment than conventional devices working at short wavelengths. The CellaTemp® PK 25 is used for a wide variety of applications in the metalworking industry and in particular for measuring the temperature of aluminium and bare metals at low temperatures. Due to the blocking filter, it can also be used for measurements in processes in which diode, Nd:YAG or CO2 lasers are used for heating. The energetically high laser radiation does not influence the measurement.

Special features:
  • Measuring range 75 to 650 °C -- switching output universally configurable -- high optical resolution due to precision lenses -- IO-Link interface -- all parameters can be set via pushbutton on the sensor or via interface from the plant control system -- test function can be triggered by pushbutton or control signal -- very simple mounting via M30 central thread -- large and bright LED display

Pyrometer CellaTemp PK 25
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More information about IO-Link:

Version CellaTemp PK 25 AF 1 
Measuring range 75 - 650 °C 
Measuring field 7 mm 
Focal range 0,3 m 
Shape of the measuring field round 
Measuring principle one-color 

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