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Pyrometer CellaTemp PKL 28

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The CellaTemp® PKL 28 has an integrated LED pilot light. Especially for small measuring objects from Ø1.2 mm, the pilot light is an indispensable aid for aligning the infrared thermometer with the hot zone and setting it to the correct focal distance. The LED pilot light is illuminated continuously and offers a high degree of operational safety due to the permanent control option.

Special features:
  • Measuring range 250 to 1
  • 600 °C -- switching output universally configurable -- high optical resolution due to precision lenses -- IO-Link interface -- all parameters can be set via pushbutton on the sensor or via interface from the plant system control -- test function can be triggered by pushbutton or control signal -- very simple mounting via M30 central thread -- large and bright LED display -- LED pilot light is permanently on as well as parallax-free and safe

Pyrometer CellaTemp PKL 28
Measuring range
Focal range
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More information about IO-Link:

Version CellaTemp PKL 28 AF 1 
Version CellaTemp PKL 28 AF 2 
Measuring range 250 - 1600 °C 
Measuring range 250 - 1600 °C 
Measuring field 1,4 mm 
Measuring field 6,7 mm 
Focal range 0,21 m 
Focal range 1,0 m 
Shape of the measuring field round 
Measuring principle one-color 
Sighting option LED spot light 

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