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Pyrometer CellaTemp PKL 68


The CellaTemp® PKL 68 detects the infrared radiation of the measuring object by means of a double photodiode in sandwich construction at the same time and place at two wavelengths. The temperature is determined from the ratio of the two radiation intensities.

Special features:
  • Measuring range 650 to 1,600 °C
  • switching output universally configurable
  • high optical resolution due to precision lenses
  • IO-Link interface
  • all parameters can be set via pushbutton on the sensor
  • very simple mounting via M30 central thread
  • large and bright LED display
  • LED pilot light is permanently on as well as parallax-free and safe

Pyrometer CellaTemp PKL 68
Measuring range
Focal distance
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More information about IO-Link:

Version CellaTemp PKL 68 AF 1 
Version CellaTemp PKL 68 AF 2 
Measuring range 650 - 1600 °C 
Measuring range 650 - 1600 °C 
Measuring field 1,2 mm 
Measuring field 5,6 mm 
Focal distance 0,21 m 
Focal distance 1,0 m 
Shape of the measurement area round 
Measuring principle two-colour 
Sighting option LED targeting light 

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