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Pyrometer Microtherm

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The PYRO Micro-Therm is a disappearing filament pyrometer for precision high temperature measurements on small targets to 0.0005. One of the many benefits associated with the PYRO Micro-Therm is that the target need not fill the entire field of view. This is especially effective when measuring targets such as wire.

Special features:
  • Small Targets to 0.0005 (0.0127mm) -- Accuracy: ±0.5% Range -- Selectable Digital Display: °C / °F / °R / °K -- Standard Temperature Ranges: 1300°F
  • 5800° (700°C
  • 3200°C) -- Extended Temperature Range: 1300°F
  • 8100° (700°C
  • 4500°C) -- Adjustable Emissivity Setting: 0.01 to 1.0

Pyrometer Microtherm
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Version 95-D 
Measuring range 700 - 3000 °C 
Focal range 0,152 m - ∞ 
Sighting option Through-the-lens sighting