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Pyrometer Pyrofiber II

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The Pyrofiber® II infrared thermometer uses the latest state-of-the-art electronic technology to measure precisely the true target temperature measurement. While all non contact infrared thermometer instruments measure a target radiance temperature, the Pyrofiber® II has the ability to provide the highest degree of accuracy in the true target temperature control within ±3°C. The complete Pyrofiber® II system consists of three main components: an electronic Unit, an fiber optic sensor head, and fiber optic cable. The Electronic Unit houses the electronic microprocessor control unit, LCD digital display, membrane keypad, power supply and analog or digital output connections. The fiber optic sensor head is used to collect the target radiance. The sensor head assembly is connected to the Pyrofiber® II electronic unit using built-in armored fiber optic cable connectors. Since there are no electronics in the sensor, it is immune to electrical noise, radiation fields, harsh environments and vibration. The Pyrofiber® II offers ease of operation with two modes of operation, AUTO Mode for On-line temperature control and Off-line mode for various temperature measurement material testing and system controls. ThePyrofiber® II can be operated from the instrument’s keypad or remote control from a PC.

Special features:
  • Infrared thermometer Temperature Measurement -- Adjustable Emissivity (1 to 100%) -- Accuracy: ±5°F (±3°C) -- Selectable Data Acquisition Rates: 1ms to 2000ms -- Temperature Ranges Available: 480F – 5824°F (250°C – 3200°C)
  • PF Dual: Several Temperature Ranges Available -- Internal Data Notebook & PC Interface -- Analog & Digital Outputs -- Opto Isolation Available -- Industrial and Laboratory Temperature Control Process Solutions

Pyrometer Pyrofiber II
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Version PF 905 
Version PF 950 
Version PF 1550 
Measuring range 600 - 3200 °C 
Measuring range 600 - 3200 °C 
Measuring range 250 - 790 °C 

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