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Pyrometer Pyrolaser

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The portable Pyrolaser® uses the latest pulsed laser technology to measure precisely the true target temperature. While all infrared instruments measure a target radiance temperature, the Pyrolaser® determines dynamically the emissivity value of a target resulting in unmatched temperature accuracy to ±3°C. With Pyrolaser®, laboratory precision temperature measurements can be obtained in a portable easy to use instrument.

Special features:
  • Automatically Corrects For Emissivity -- Accuracy After Emissivity Correction: ± 5°F ( ± 3°C) -- 1ms Data Acquisition Rate -- Standard Temperature Ranges: 1100°F
  • 2730°F (600°C
  • 1500°C) -- Extended Temperature Ranges: 1300°F
  • 3600°F (700°C
  • 2000°C)
  • 1450°F
  • 4500°F (790°C
  • 2500°C)
  • 1550°F
  • 5400°F (860°C
  • 3000°C) -- Internal Data Notebook & PC Interface -- analog and digital Outputs

Pyrometer Pyrolaser
Measuring range
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Measuring range 600 - 3000 °C 

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