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KELLER ITS - Pyrometers

KELLER pyrometers for infrared temperature measurement from -30 °C to 3,500 °C.

Choose from our pyrometer series or use our product finder with over 350 pyrometers.
Pyrometer device series

The entire KELLER portfolio of pyrometers comprises 5 device series, which are divided into 102 model ranges and 353 pyrometer types.        

PX, PA: The modular devices in the CellaTemp PX and CellaTemp PA series have 9 optical and 6 electronic assembly groups. The combination results in 26 assembly groups per series. All versions have focusable lenses and various sighting aids. The CellaTemp PX is equipped with the modern IO-Link communication interface. In contrast, the CellaTemp PA provides the measured values via a digital USB and RS 485 interface.

PK: CellaTemp PK devices are designed for integration into production systems due to their compact design. The devices have a display to show the measured values on site. The measured values can be further processed via the analog output or the digital IO-Link interface.

PR: Due to its function and size, the CellaTemp PR series is ideal for installation within machines and plants. The measured values are integrated into the control system bus in analog form or via a digital IO-Link interface.

PT: The CellaPort PT series, which is also modular, comprises special device types for fast and mobile temperature control. The devices in the CellaTemp PA series are technologically and functionally equivalent. This means that you also have corresponding portable devices available for all stationary applications.

Mikro: In contrast to the electronic devices, the Mikro is an optical comparison pyrometer. Especially in the field of research and development, the device is an indispensable measuring instrument due to the extremely precise temperature measurement and the measurement of the smallest objects from 0.1 mm.

Pyrometers are often used as measuring systems in combination with mechanical, optical and electrical accessories. After selecting the series, you will receive all information on the components of the measuring systems. You can quickly find all the details and drawings for all accessories by clicking on the accessories tile.

The product finder is a helpful tool for selecting the most suitable pyrometer for your application from the entire portfolio based on the metrological parameters and the desired equipment features.
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